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Ways to Use It: Poppystamps Background Scribble Craft Die

Hi Everyone!

I recently purchased this Background Scribble die from Poppystamps and wanted to share some great ways I found to use it.  


My goal this year is to really dig into my stash and use what I have, but also supplement with some fun new things every once in awhile.  This die caught my eye because of how big it was.  It can fill the front of a standard notecard or work as a nice focal point on a scrapbook page.  Plus, I can't resist a scribbled look--it's so free-flowing and artistic!  

When I buy something new, I want to really think about the different ways I can use it for it to be worth the purchase.  

For this die, I knew it would be great to highlight a large sentiment or maybe a cluster of flowers, but what else?  Here's a little bit of my process to figure it out:

  1.  Brainstorm what I think of when I first look at this die.
  2. Gather up all the stamps I currently own that would compliment.
  3. Create lots of fun cards!

This is my brainstorm list--it's very "stream of consciousness", but so helpful.

  • Movement, tornado pun, weather
  • Pencil writing
  • Hopping rabbit
  • Crayons
  • Rainbow blending 
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle and thread
  • Cut out in foil as a background

After pulling all the stamps I thought would work with this die, I got to work creating.


For this first card, I used the "movement" idea with the fairies flying all around.  You could substitute butterflies, birds, or even balloons and it would work.


I added sparkle by covering the scribble die with Versamark ink, then heat embossing it using Judikins Iridescent Sparkle embossing powder.  Perfect for those sweet little fairies!


For this card,  I cut about a quarter of the die cut off to create a "spring" to show the rabbit hopping.  I happened to have a rabbit stamp that worked, but you could use a frog or even a little envelope die cut to show a letter bouncing in to say "hi".  


This card was fun to make using ink blending.  I chose the crayon idea, but you could use paint brushes, or an artists' palette to go with the color theme.


Instead of a pencil writing, I used this cute little piping bag from Lawn Fawn for this card.


These are just a few ideas I tried, but I'm excited to try some more.  This die is very intricate, so I recommend using a metal shim in your die cutting machine and running it through a couple of times.  Doing this will give you a perfectly clean cut.  For adhesive, I used Glossy Accents with a Fineline applicator, but if I did it over again, I would use Stick-It adhesive sheets instead.  They are a lot less messy.   I talk more about this in my Making It Easy Series: Delightful Die Cutting.

I encourage you to try out my brainstorming process for stamps or dies that you're thinking about buying or have already purchased.  I plan on doing more of these "ways to use it" posts in the future.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me or comment below.  I have all the supplies I used for my projects listed below.  Thanks for joining me today!


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Review of Stash Multi-Room Organizer

 This post contains affiliate links.  


Hi Everyone!

With the New Year just starting, I decided to make a small change to my craft supply organization.

 I had this Stash Multi-Room Organizer on my Amazon wishlist for awhile, but wasn't sure if I was ready to make a change.

Stash 5

For many years, I had used this revolving supply caddy and thought I was pretty happy with it.  I'm one of those people that needs to have all my things out where I can see them and within arm's reach or I don't use it.  Although, I liked the caddy, I found myself stuffing it full of supplies I thought I might need, then turning it around and around to try and find everything.  Not so good for the creative flow.

Stash 1

   So last week, I ordered my new container and I have to say, I really like it.  It's just one piece, so no assembling, and, it has this great clean-lined look that I think would go great in any craft room--or corner, in my case.  

Stash 2

When I moved my supplies in, I left out about 1/4 of the items I had stored in the caddy. I realized they weren't missed--the Crocodile corner chomper was fine just staying in a drawer.  

Stash 4

Another change I made was moving the new organizer directly in front of me on my work table.  I know it sounds strange, but reaching in front of me for my most used items works better then reaching over to the side when I had my caddy.  

Stash 3


If you're someone who has a lot of supplies they need to have out, I might suggest getting more than one of these organizers.  With the sections being different sizes, you might find having multiples would work better with your particular needs.  After a week of trying this new system out, I love it!  I find what I need quickly and I've reduced the need to "rummage around" trying to find what I'm looking for.   Plus, it made me do a little bit of pairing down of some old supplies.  Hope this review was helpful to you.  Thanks for joining me today--Happy Organizing!  


Have a great weekend!