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A Tour of My Craft Corner

Hi Everyone!  

Today, I wanted to share a quick tour of my craft corner.  Hopefully, this will give you some ideas if you are in the process of finding an organizational system that works best for you.  (Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you)

The evolution of my craft space has taken many, many years, but now, I'm finally at a place where it completely works for me.  I have the back wall and corner of a storage room in my basement which is plenty of room because I've placed all my supplies so they are mostly within arm's reach or a couple of steps to get to them.  Clean up is quick and easy because everything has a specific spot and there is no moving one thing to get to something else.  I only keep what I use so it does not get overwhelming.  The other area in front of my desk you don't see is a kids' craft area and household storage--not picture perfect, LOL!.  

I love using metal utility shelves.  You can get them at any hardware or home store, and they're sturdy, and mobile if I ever decide to change anything around.  The one on the far right has all of my cardmaking and stamping supplies and the one on the left is for scrapbooking.  Being a visual person, I have to have everything out where I can see it or I just won't use it.  I really like this concept because just seeing the colors and supplies right in front of me is a huge inspiration.  

Main view

My desk is from the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Collection.  I originally got it a few years ago from Home Decorators.com, but now they carry it at Home Depot.  I love that it is countertop height so I can move around easily and grab supplies.  Just making the change to not sitting while crafting made a huge difference in my work pace.  When I do need to sit to color or do a long project, I use this stool from Ikea.  It's perfect, because it's small and just folds up to be stored away in the corner.   

Side desk

I have all my colored pencils, markers and most-used tools right in front of me on top of my desk.  I was so excited to get this Copic marker storage unit from Organizemore.com.  It makes choosing the right color quick and easy!


I keep the things I reach for all the time in the drawers like my foam adhesive, black inks, Versamark and stamping platforms.

Inside desk drawers

There's plenty of room under the desk for my plastic drawers.  I keep mostly scrapbooking supplies and other odds and ends in these.

Under desk

I found this cute 3 tier basket at Home Goods.  I keep products I haven't used yet on top and patterned scrap paper down below.

Under desk

This area along the back wall is where I have my sentiment and background stamps, ink, embellishments, and die cutting supplies. I keep items I don't use on a regular basis in the white armoire.  

Armoire use this

Card packaging supplies and tags are in the drawers.

Drawer pulls

 I have my Sizzix ready to go and all my dies near it so I just need to turn around from my desk to do my die cutting.  I also keep a magazine holder with specialty papers like Stick-It and masking paper that I use a lot in my die cutting.


I keep most of my stand-alone dies in their original packaging and organized by type.  

Next to the die cutting area are all of my background stamps organized by type.  I keep my colored writing pens next to those, which I use mostly when I scrapbook.

Close up top of back desk

I keep some favorite wooden stamps and fun objects out for decoration and inspiration.

Ink drawer

In my Alex Drawer Units from Ikea,  I store inks, embellishments, wooden stamps and plain notecards .  I love how the drawers are wide and shallow and open and close so easily.

Wood stamps

Ink drawer IMG_6441

I got this desktop file from Michael's to store my enamel dots and rhinestones along with some mixed media products.  I store washi tape and sheets in the drawers below it.


Library drawer

I found this great way to store washi tape in drawers from Meka  @yespleaseplanning. Be sure to check out her Instagram--her photos are so bright and beautiful!  I got these trays from Amazon and they work perfectly to keep the tape under control.


For my mixed media, I use a Raskog cart for my paints and sprays.....


....and this great set of drawers from Amazon for Distress inks and watercolor palettes.  I store my stenciling supplies and brush markers on top.

  Open drawers

Open drawers

I recently put all my cardstock into these job ticket envelopes recommended by Jennifer McGuire.  All the scraps are kept with whole pieces and none of my cardstock gets damaged from taking it in and out.  It's such a great system!


I keep all my 6x6 paper pads together along with other types of specialty paper.  The baskets make them easy to flip through.

Patterned paper

 I really like the system of keeping my stamps organized by type.  I used to have them by manufacturer, but then I would always be sorting through trying to find what I needed.  I realized the way I work is that I start with the theme of the card and then go from there.  Changing to this system sped up my process so much.  I'm currently in the process of cataloging  my stamps in Evernote to make it even easier to find something specific.  

I keep the stamps from the same manufacturer together within their categories just to keep things in order.   When I have design team work, I keep those supplies in their own bin, then I can quickly reach for what I need.  I like to keep everything in their original packaging too.  I just snip off the top to make an opening to slide the stamp or die out.  I like that I can see the logos and decide what I'm in the mood for.  I keep the dies with their stamp sets unless they can stand alone, like a frame or shape.  I keep my sentiment sets separate too, so if I just need a word or phrase, I can flip through that basket.  

Stamp shelf

Thanks for joining me today.  I Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my space.  I have a list below of my stamp and die categories.  Feel free to borrow them if you would like to use this same system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below. 


Stamp Categories:










Get Well


House and Home (telephones, furniture, etc.)





Mixed Sentiments


Background Stamp Categories:








Die Categories:


(MFT) Blueprints



Cover Plates